Power outage, return proves omen for successful Summit

By July 3, 2012

USA (MNN) — On the first full day of the Warrior Leadership Summit, about one in six Native young people in attendance came to Christ.

From that day on, the number kept rising.

Today marks the last of the June 28-July 3 Summit that gathers Native youth from all corners of the U.S. and Canada. Scores of young people struggling with drugs, alcohol, depression, gang affiliation, abuse, and so much more have come to the Lord already. And after a frightening start, it's clear the glory belongs solely to God.

The night before the Summit began, the conference center hosting the Summit had an extended power outage. Evangelist Ron Hutchcraft says he thinks it was the first in the center's history.

With the conference theme for the year as "Dunamis – God's power unleashed," Hutchcraft and his team hardly believed the power outage to be coincidental. They began praying against spiritual warfare, recognizing that they were fighting against the "prince of darkness."

After much prayer and last-minute adjustments, the team went to sleep. Halfway through the night, the power came back on.

The power outage followed by prayer and then light was clearly an omen for the week. As On Eagles' Wings staff and other Christians around the nation have prayed over the last few days, the power of God has indeed been unleashed as Native youth have seen the light of the Lord for the first time.

On the first full day of the conference, Hutchcraft says about one in six kids there chose to follow Christ. The next day, baptism broke out by the lake as dozens of young people made public professions to follow Jesus Christ from now on.

Native American youth are among the least-reached demographics in the United States. The large majority of them live in poverty, abuse, and neglect. But in just a few short days, eternity has forever changed for young people who have heard the testimonies of dozens of other young Native Americans just like them, proclaiming the changes a brown-skinned Savior has made in their lives.

There is still one day to go. Pray today that the Lord would break the last of the chains enslaving the hearts of Native young people at Warrior Leadership Summit. Pray that the light would come on for anyone still wandering in the dark, that this generation of Native youth would change the course of their people forever.

There are multiple ways for you to get involved with this important ministry. Visit OnEaglesWings.com for more information and more Summit updates.

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