Praise report: WMP container released in Haiti

By June 19, 2024

Haiti (MNN) — Haiti’s gang violence in Port-au-Prince has disrupted more than tourism to the island nation.

Helen Williams of World Missionary Press says their partners have been waiting for a container of Scripture booklets for months. “We shipped it out of here in November of ’23, and it got to the port, but then things blew up down there,” she explains.

“Nothing could happen, so it sat there, and we started praying.”

Gospel workers unpack the newly-released WMP container full of Scripture booklets.
(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press)

Months went by, and nothing changed. “We kept asking them, ‘How’s it going?’ and they said, ‘Well, nobody is working at the ports, and even if we could get it cleared, you can’t get it through the streets of Port au Prince. It’s too dangerous,’” Williams says.

Finally, on June 6, “We got the word that they had it!”

The booklets were quickly unpacked and distributed to partners waiting for outreach material. Within a week, God’s Word was already changing lives in Haiti!

“One of their guys said, ‘I received a report from one of our programs in the south,’” Williams says.

“‘We’ve had ten professions of faith recently, and it’s all because of the booklets.’”

Praise God for this development. “I am so impressed with the faithfulness of God’s people. We are so privileged to give them tools, and once they get them, they go,” Williams says.

Pray that lives will change as people read these Scripture booklets and discover the Gospel message. “It won’t take long for us to provide another container,” Williams says.

“We want to be able to meet those needs while people are willing to go and do the work because, as we know, the time is short.”

Help WMP send more resources to believers in Haiti here. “They can send a donation and just mark it for ‘booklets for Haiti,’” Williams says.

Getting the shipment released from customs was expensive, but as one WMP partner states:

“One booklet can easily reach ten people or more. When you multiply that by 2 million booklets, the potential to impact Haiti in a mighty way with the Gospel is worth every dollar.”



Header and story images courtesy of World Missionary Press.

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