Pray for pastors in Cuba

By December 20, 2013
(Image courtesy AMG)

(Image courtesy AMG)

Cuba (AMG/MNN) — Over half of the country is labeled as Christian, yet Cuba remains resistant to the Gospel. But that does not stop Christians from pushing onward.
AMG International is one organization with a front-row view of the progress being made there, as well as the heart Christians have for lost people.

Pat Ragan shares their story:

“A couple of years ago, I had the privilege of traveling to Cuba with one of our ministry partners and together, we visited each one of AMG’s co-workers there. We shared meals together, prayed together, and of course, worshipped together.

After an amazing week of learning about how God is working in Cuba and seeing the faith of believers there, I found myself in the back of a large truck looking up at the stars and trying not to fall on one of the other 30 or so passengers as we bumped along in first or second gear. We had all just experienced a wonderful time of worship and the preaching of God’s Word; it was late, and we were all tired but encouraged as we headed home.

Now that I have been there, I read with great interest the letters from AMG’s faithful co-workers who are serving in the harvest field called Cuba. Below are a few samples. Won’t you join us in praying for them?

(Image courtesy AMG)

(Image courtesy AMG)

The Lord continues expanding those that are to be saved. We are working in a neighborhood that is a place of great danger. There have been 40 people who have been converted to Christianity. We want to open a house of worship in this place. Therefore we ask you to pray for us in our ministry because we really need it.

In the present time, I visit the ill, help spiritually to those who need counsel, despite my age (78) and illnesses, and now the doctor says that I receive a silent stroke, but thanks to God that gives me encouragement and strength each day.

I’m very grateful for your help since God always supplies in the moment that I need it the most. Thanks to Him and thanks to you all, that put this in your hearts.

Continue to pray for me so that God continue to watch over me and so I can also continue to be faithful until the end.

We send this to you to thank you for the blessings that the Lord provides through you and the group that blesses us. We thank you very much for everything. We greatly appreciate it for that great love that God put in your hearts. We are praying for you all, especially our church. My wife and I pray for all the brothers who always visit us at the camp and are concerned for our needs.

We give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for the opportunity that He gives us each day to strengthen us in His promises which are faithful and true and gives us the confidence that God is with us and He is faithful.

From your brothers here in Cuba.

~ Pat Ragan

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