Pray for the Muslim world

By September 7, 2009

Middle East (MNN) —
Today, on day 17 of the Muslim holiday Ramadan, Mission Network News asks you
to join us in praying for the Muslim world. As an MNN focal point, we stand
together with groups like in prayer for this people group.

Pray for the millions
of Muslim women named Fatimah to find new life and salvation in Jesus Christ.
According to, Fatimah was Mohammed's favorite daughter and
one of the four women he considered to be perfect. She's honored among Muslims
for her acts of kindness toward the poor and destitute. Fatimah is also
regarded as a loving and devoted daughter, mother and wife, with noted
sincerity to the Muslim faith.

so-called "Hand of Fatimah" is used by Muslims in charms and amulets to ward
off evil spirits. 

Ramadan is the Islamic
month of fasting, spanning this year from August 22 to September 20. It's meant
to teach Muslims patience, modesty and spirituality. Muslims ask forgiveness,
pray for guidance and try to purify themselves through self-restraint and good

Pray that hearts would be set free from this performance mentality. Pray for the freedom
detailed in Acts 19:18-20 to come to Muslims involved in the occult. Pray
that many would come to know Jesus and find Him as their only source of


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