Prayer and giving undergird ministry for another year

By April 24, 2008

USA (MNN) — E3 Partners is marking the accomplishments and blessings of last year while they consider how to successfully continue their work in the next year.

Through their ministry last year, they estimate that 212,000 people came to a saving faith in Christ. On top of that, there were 2,000 churches planted in 32 different countries with the help of as many as 3,000 Christians from the U.S. These believers were servants on mission
teams throughout the year. 

To help these kinds of successes continue, they need partners to help them keep a strong foundation for their work. Needs are ongoing both for prayer and for finances,but they are trusting God to provide as He has in the past. 

E3 Partners asks that you pray for finances to come in and consider giving as you are able.  Pray that their
ministry will use what they are given to the fullest measure whether it be time, talents, or resources. They remind believers that God's blessings come when we excel in the grace of giving as well as when we grow our prayer life.

This relevant thought about prayer written by Greg Frizzel in his book How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life is offered by E3 Partners: "In the view of the awesome importance of prayer, I confidently make the following statement: No one's relationship with Christ will every rise about the level of his or her praying. Put simply, if your prayer life is inconsistent and weak, so will be your relationship with God."

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