Prayer Guide for Christians to pray during Ramadan

By July 29, 2009

USA (MNN) — Ramadan is fast

For 30 days, Muslims around the world
will be observing their holiest month from August 22 to September 20. During
this period of time, from sunrise to sunset they will fast, pray, and refrain from activities such as drinking,
sex and smoking. The month is traditionally when the
prophet Muhammad received the Qur'an from Allah.

This, combined with the fact that there is a growing population of Muslims all around the world, makes it important for Christians to
learn about and pray for Muslims.

"That's why Mission Network News is
providing World Christian's 30-Days Muslim Prayer Guide. It literally takes you
around the world introducing you to various countries, regions, people groups
and even issues that are facing the Islamic culture today," said Greg Yoder,
executive director of MNN.

Yoder believes this
guide is one of the best resources available for average Christians to gain information and understanding of the
Islamic culture. The booklet is mostly centered around Ramadan.

"World Christian has
put together this booklet that will help you pray each day, at the same time Muslims
are praying," said Yoder. "The twist is this: we're encouraging Christians to pray that many of
these Muslims will turn to Christ."

MNN is encouraged,
even before Ramadan begins. Yoder said they have heard stories of
Muslims who have had dreams telling them to talk to a Christian, read a Bible
or find out about Jesus. As they search for the meaning of their dreams,
they often come to Christ.

MNN looks forward with excitement at all God could do during
Ramadan. "I'm encouraging our Mission
Network News friends to commit to praying for 30 days during Ramadan–pray that
these people would come to know Jesus, that they would open their hearts to the
truth of the Gospel, and that they would confess their sin and become followers of
Jesus," Yoder said. "I truly believe this year could be a pivotal time in the
history of the world, where we have literally millions of Christians praying
for the Muslim world."

Yoder also said he believes the
prayer guide can serve two purposes. Not only does it serve as a resource to
inform Christians worldwide what to be praying for in the Muslim world, but it
can also allow you to partner with MNN and support their ministry.

"We truly believe that every
Christian should be doing something for the Gospel, whether it's praying,
giving or going," he said, explaining MNN's mission.

One way you can do this is by ordering the 30-day Prayer Guide from MNN. The suggested donation is $10, but you can contribute what you are able to give.

To order your copy, click here.

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