Prayer in Nairobi

By January 16, 2008

Kenya (MNN) — Kenyans called on God last week to help them during the unrest resulting from the elections on December 27, 2007. 

"Our leaders have failed us. They have brought this catastrophe upon us. So now we are turning to the Almighty to save Kenya," one Nairobi worshipper said in an Open Doors' report.

Since the elections, more than 600 Kenyans have died, and 250,000 are currently displaced.  Schools were forced to open late.

The tension does not seem to be dissipating with the Orange Democratic Movement, the opposition, preparing for a demonstration today. The anti-government demonstrations are planned for three days. The ODM insists that they have international help while the ruling party maintains that the solution should be domestic.

Open Doors is urging Christians to pray just as Nairobi believers have. Pray for the strong
Kenyan church to be an example to their neighbors and agents of peace and hope during these uncertain times. 

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