Prayer initiative concludes, praying will continue

By December 12, 2007

USA (MNN) — Christian radio and two evangelical ministries partnered together recently for a nationwide prayer initiative in the United States. The "Seeking Him National Prayer Meeting for Revival" began September 15 and continued for 12 weeks.

This effort was designed to take the prayer effort for revival, public. Life Action Ministries' Byron Paulus says over 100 radio stations gave an hour of air time each week to broadcast the prayer meeting. "It began as we were seeking the Lord and asking, 'Lord, what can we do?' And the Lord seemed to say, 'As you're praying to Me about what to do, why don't you enlarge that prayer meeting and invite others to join you?' So by way of internet (and) by way of broadcasting on radio, it's been going on since September 15."

The 12 weeks were educational for thousands, says Paulus. "Somebody said you don't learn how to pray by studying prayer, but by listening to Godly men and women pray. And that's the opportunity, I believe, that was afforded so many of us during these weeks–to listen to Godly men and women pray."

It's been 150 years since the U.S. has seen a great move of the Holy Spirit across the country. But God hasn't been silent. "There have been some significant movements of God — 1904 and 1905, across campuses in the 1970's and some stirrings perhaps in certain locales."

However, Paulus is praying that the 12-week prayer meeting was a starting point for Christians. "As Moody Radio, Revive Our Hearts, and Life Action Ministries have collectively come together to sponsor this prayer meeting, we pray that people's hearts all across this nation are entering into prayer."

Paulus says prayer can't be overlooked. "All the great ministries in our nation will not move the heart of God apart from prayer, no matter what they do. God is looking for His people to pray."

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