Prayer is needed for suffering believers.

By November 24, 2005

Pakistan (MNN) — A mob of over 1000 angry Muslims destroyed several churches and homes in the community of Sangla Hill, west of Lahore.

The incident began when Yousaf Masih was accused of setting fire to a room full of Islamic books, including copies of the Quarn, the Muslim holy book. Masih denies the charges.

The attack was provoked by Islamic leaders who used mosque loudspeakers to call for punishment of the infidels accused of desecrating the Quran.

Glenn Penner is with Voice of the Martyrs Canada : “Unfortunately, in some of these countries where these militants have such a strong hold, the mere accusation is enough to send a crowd into the streets.”

In the attack, the crowd destroyed the local Salvation Army, United Presbyterian and Catholic church buildings, a convent, a Christian school, a hostel and several homes belonging to Christians.

While no injuries or deaths have been reported, the incident has struck fear into the hearts of the believers there, and many have fled the community.

Penner says prayer is crucial: “It certainly could have been a whole lot worse than what it was. So just thankfully, the Christians ducked down. They hid in their homes and were able to survive this. But it could have been a lot worse, and so we just need to continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in places like Pakistan.”

Pray that the Prince of Peace will encourage and strengthen those affected.

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