Prayer needed for persecuted pastor

By April 28, 2015
VOM_Pastor Dilson

Senegal (MNN) — A persecuted pastor needs your prayer. According to Voice of the Martyrs USA, an important court ruling is coming down soon in Senegal.

A final verdict is expected soon for Pastor Jose Dilson, who is allegedly connected to the conversion of a Muslim leader’s son. This persecuted pastor and his family are asking you to pray they will not be fearful, and for God’s will to be done.


VOM_Pastor Dilson

Pastor Jose Dilson
(Photo courtesy VOM)

Dilson is a Brazilian missionary who has served the Lord in West Africa for the past 25 years. In November 2012, he and another missionary were arrested for “Christianization” and imprisoned for five months without a hearing.

But, as He often does, the Lord turned hardship into something beautiful. While in prison, Dilson was able to distribute 350 Bibles. The persecuted pastor also “witnessed to many fellow prisoners,” VOM reports.

Technically, Senegal is a secular state that allows for freedom of religion. However, reality on the ground is a bit different.

According to VOM, Senegalese Christians face discrimination in the workplace and the educational system. Believers from Muslim backgrounds are shunned by their families, and sometimes they’re even beaten and poisoned.

Churches in Senegal have been attacked in various ways, and many have been closed. In addition, Pastor Dilson and his cohort aren’t the only ones who’ve been targeted by police. Other pastors and congregation members have been arrested, too.


In April 2013, Dilson and his fellow missionary were released from the Senegalese prison on bail. They have been waiting for the final ruling on their case since then, as it keeps getting postponed and pushed to a later date.

However, it appears judgment day is finally approaching. At VOM’s request, more than 100 believers worldwide have been interceding on Dilson’s behalf at

“Lord Jesus, lift Pastor Jose Dilson to new heights with Your love, grace, and mercy, bringing him the strength and endurance he needs to continue to share and bring Your good news to the lost.”
Cindy S – Vietnam

(Photo courtesy Leland Francisco via Flickr)

(Photo courtesy Leland Francisco via Flickr)

“Lord, thank You for Pastor Dilson’s faithfulness in being a light even in prison. May his testimony and his bold witness bear much fruit. Protect him and allow him to be released to continue his ministry. Comfort and strengthen his family as well. Bring about a speedy positive result to this case, and let it not continue to drag on or discourage them.”
Sunita J – Japan

“Dear Lord, I pray for Pastor Dilson, that he and his family will not be afraid but will be a powerful witness and testimony for our Lord Jesus. Please bless them and keep them in the shadow of Your wings of protection and blessing. I pray that many will become saved because of his life and witness. Amen.”
Carrie P – USA

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Along with prayer, you can help a persecuted pastor like Dilson by supporting the work of VOM. The ministry provides a safe house and distributes Bibles in Senegal.

Learn more about VOM’s work in Senegal.


  • Rush says:

    “‘“May the risen Lord bless and keep you;
    25 May the Lord make His face shine on you
    and be gracious to you;
    26 May the Lord turn His face toward you
    and give you peace.”’

    No weapon formed against you shall prosper, every tongue that rises in judgement against you shall be condemned in the mighty name of our risen Lord and Savior Yashuah….Amen

    The anointing of the Holy Spirit has destroyed the yoke of the enemy over your life brother, stay blessed in Yashuah.

  • I am thankful for his faithful witness, even struggling with illness and humiliation in prison, shining the light of God. I continue to pray for him and for his family and also for the children they used to care for and their families.

  • Marty says:

    I pray for this man and his witness. Thank you Jesus for you have chosen men and women from all walks of life to spread the good news.

  • Linda says:

    Lord we lift up pastor Dilson to you, keep using him, strenthen him, and his family. Let vast numbers of people come to know You because of himin Jesus name I pray

  • Your Name says:

    Pray for relief of affliction, humiliation, wreckless disrespect and dishonor, condescendingly and, thoses affected along with me or alongside me, and may there be justice and not allow lawlessness to
    continue for thoses who feel the to need to whatever. Persecuted for the gospels sake and be the firm foundation we know need to beneebe, Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all other things will be added to you. If one desires to be more stronger or more whole, person of the way the truth and the Life, one cant tolerate sin,
    be true to the Alimighty and self is what I believe and have the Faith
    the Life in accordance with the Word is the way one should live, the Great One is not going to steer you wrong. All things work for good to those who love God to thoses who are called according to his purpose Amen.

  • Your Name says:

    Lord, be close to this servant. May he be more aware of your presence than ever before.

  • Dale says:

    The Lord bless you and your family as you light up the paths for those who are lost. Praying that our Lord protects you and yours. Know that you are being prayed for.

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