Prayer needed to protect children in India

By May 9, 2013

India (MNN) — "Human trafficking continues at an alarming rate in India, and so many of the victims are children, especially young girls." That's the President of Far Corners Missions Gary Bishop.

According to reports, trafficking of minor girls is a $1-billion-a-year industry in Mumbai, India alone. Bishop says Far Corners wants to do something about it. "We have to get into a preventative mode and that is to find children at risk, put them in a safe place, care for all their needs, and give them the opportunity to get to know Jesus Christ and His love."

The director of Far Corners in India has taken 29 children into his home. Now they need an orphanage. "God led us to a vision of a 250-child orphanage. But in order for the group in India to be eligible to receive funds from North America to do that, they have to be registered."

According to Bishop, that hasn't been easy. "That application started last year, and it has been held up. We're not sure why. It's just been dragging. We know there are some revisions in the laws in India, so perhaps that's part of it. Or, perhaps, the evil one just doesn't want this to come about," says Bishop.

The money to purchase the land in Gannavarum, India has already been raised. Now Bishop says bureaucracy is in the way. "Be praying for favor in the eyes of the bureaucracy in India, and more specifically, the departments that will approve this, that our registration will come through and that we can move forward with the orphanage."

Once the approval happens, you can help build the orphanage. "Believe it or not, we're going to be able to construct this facility to house and care for the complete needs for 250 children for around $90,000."

While all this is important physically, Bishop says it not the only thing. "Not only do they make sure that these children are safe, but they also let them see the love of Jesus in their hearts. Then they tell them about this Jesus who loved them so much that He would give himself up for them."

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