Prayer proves to be effective in countering terrorism

By November 4, 2010

International (MNN) – According
to the National Counter-terrorism Center, 13 countries experienced suicide
attacks in 2009.  

While the trend on
such violence seems to be on the decline, there
were 299 incidents last year. 

Almost 48,000 individuals worldwide were either killed
or injured by these terrorist attacks.

Many of the victims, according
to the NCTC, were Muslim, as has been the case for the last five years.

Of thousands of incidents in the past 25 years, nearly 90 percent have occurred since 2001. This tactic is more successful than others
used by militant Islamists because it creates fear,
turmoil, and doubt.    

At least two-thirds of
suicide bombings since 1983 have targeted U.S. policy goals, intelligence
officials say. However, they are
hard-pressed to come up with viable ways to counter the ideology that creates
new suicide bombers. Many of the jihadists, as they see themselves, want to
see a strict application of Sharia law in order to correct poverty,
injustice and corruption.   

As authorities struggle to find ways to solve the problem, others are
saying that prayer is a big part of the solution.  

For example, 20 years
ago in the Middle East, a disillusioned man named 'Harvey' was training to be
a suicide bomber during a civil war, but something wasn't right. He
began to distance himself from fanatics after witnessing the fruit of an attack
and questioning the reasons behind it. 

Harvey cried out to God to
reveal Himself. As it happens with many
in the Middle East, he had a vision of Jesus in a dream. The truth began to resonate, and Harvey began
his pursuit of Christ.  

Harvey was eventually
discipled by a PIONEERS* missionary. Pray for Harvey's
growth, fellowship and discipleship. Ask also for wisdom in his work environment
and the protection of his family.   



organization dedicated to church planting around the world, requests prayer for
those who have dedicated their lives to this work.

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