New Satellite Channel planned in 2014

By December 27, 2013
SAT-7 hopes to broadcast a new channel on SAT-7 TÜRK (Photo courtesy of SAT-7)

SAT-7 hopes to broadcast a new channel on SAT-7 TÜRK. (Photo courtesy of SAT-7)

Turkey (SAT-7) — The SAT-7 TÜRK team is praying that 2014 will be the year they launch a 24/7 channel on the TURKSAT satellite.

With this goal in mind, they are praying that the necessary permissions will be forthcoming soon and fundraising efforts underway to gather both the initial and ongoing funds necessary for SAT-7 TÜRK to take this important step.

“The current internet channel broadcasts are proving popular, but the long-term goal was always to have a 24/7 channel available on both platforms [satellite and Internet] to reach those in Turkey who have limited access to Internet services and those who are unable to navigate the Internet,” explains Melih Ekener, the Executive Director of SAT-7 TÜRK.

The online channel is available anywhere in the world. However, within Turkey, many users are charged Internet fees based on the amount of data they download each month. They could potentially shy away from streaming programs due to cost.

Ekener adds, “Over the last two years, we have re-branded SAT-7 TÜRK in Turkey and increased the size and visibility of our audience. Also, thanks to the Lord’s help, we now have the necessary studios, technical equipment, and staff. With all these things in place, we are now ready to broadcast via satellite to a larger audience.”

Meanwhile, the studio in Istanbul is busy filming new programs. The Footnotes of History teaches the history of Christianity in Turkey. The Art of Living tackles everyday problems women face. Yet another new program, The Truth of the Word, is a teaching program presented by two ministers. Filming also continues for new episodes of a weekly News program.

Pray that SAT-7 TÜRK will launch a 24/7 satellite television channel during 2014. Pray that this channel will reach and bless the 100 million people living in Turkey and the neighboring Turkic republics.

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