Prayers Help Missionaries Through Violence

By March 19, 2007

Guinea(MNN) — Southern Baptist missionaries with the International Mission Board in Guinea are offering thanks to all those who prayed with them in February.

After businesses throughout the country closed due to violent protests and 100 people died, the missionaries called Christians to pray for 20 days for Guinea.

"There are many praying for Guinea, literally around the world and around the clock and God is answering your prayers.  We have felt God's presence giving us peace and protection, not just for us but also for local believers," said one missionary in a prayer letter. 

During the unrest protests against the president's leadership caused him to declare martial law.  Two missionary families had to be evacuated while some were trapped in their homes.

Now, businesses and schools are open again.  Missionaries will soon be reentering the country to begin their work.

They have reported that church attendance is growing even thought statistics say 85 percent of Guinea's 9.6 million people are Muslim.  They are "flocking to churches in the forest region and Conakry by the droves.  Apparently, they are searching for a closer relationship with God," a missionary reported.

"Thank you so much for praying with us…We continue to be amazed with the response for our call of ‘20 days of prayer for Guinea,'" said one missionary. 

You can continue to pray for their efforts in Guinea.  The missionaries ask you to ;quot;Pray that hearts will be touched with the Gospel at these churches and [the Gospel] will spread to all peoples in Guinea.  Pray for the church leaders and lay people to have the Lord's wisdom in how to reach out to their Muslim neighbors."

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