Praying for children in crisis

By August 12, 2014
(Image courtesy Open Doors)

(Image courtesy Open Doors)

MENA (KAI/MNN) — Children in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) need your prayers. Kids Alive International says those trapped in war zones are fearful and helpless; they often face starvation as conflict prevents food deliveries.

Originally posted on their prayer blog, Kids Alive shares specific ways you can be praying for children trapped in five of region’s battle zones: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and Gaza.

IRAQ: Over the past few weeks, hundreds of thousands of Christians and other religious minority groups in northern Iraq have been forced to flee from intense persecution by militant Islamic group, IS (“Islamic State”). Many children and their families have already been brutally murdered. Thousands of displaced people now face starvation in horrific conditions.

Pray for peace to be restored in this area, that Christians would remain strong in their faith, and for the protection of young children that are caught up in this conflict. Pray also for safety, guidance, and strength for Christian relief agencies as they bring God’s hope to these broken Christian families and many others who have fled their homes.

ISRAEL / GAZA: An upsurge in hostilities in this region has left more than 1,800 people dead, including hundreds of children. Many communities now face urgent shortages of food and water.

Pray for an end to this conflict, and that Christian believers would keep their eyes on Christ. Pray especially for children and young people caught up in terror and violence that is beyond their understanding.

SYRIA / LEBANON: The conflict in Syria continues. More than 150,000 people have died, and as many as nine million are refugees or displaced within Syria. In Lebanon, where Kids Alive works, there are now more than one million refugees.

(Image courtesy Kids Alive)

(Image courtesy Kids Alive)

Pray for peace in this region, for Christians that are now facing persecution for their faith in Syria, and for the refugees–many of them children–who currently have little hope for the future.

Pray also for Kids Alive’s ministry in Lebanon, Dar El Awlad, and for ministry partners, particularly “Heart for Lebanon,” that they would be able to reach out with Christ’s love to more of those who are suffering.

In Lebanon, Kids Alive is helping Syrian refugees in two ways. They are providing an education, food, and daily care to nearly 50 children in their school and care center programs. They are also working with ministry partners to support refugee families that urgently need help.

You can help Kids Alive meet financial needs as they share Christ’s love in the midst of crisis.


  • Anonymous says:

    may God bless u abundantly and continue with that great work,it is nt in vain. i will be praying

  • Gail erickso says:

    Thanks for your work there during this terrible crisis. I will try and pray regularly for you.
    I did donate and also ask that you don’t send any written material to my house. Thanks.

  • Thank you so much for your example and love for all those children, May God Bless you all abundantly.

    We are sharing your requests with people all around the world and we are also praying for all there.

    Eric DeJesus
    Rosy Hernandez.

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