Preparing for Urbana 15: Part Two

By September 23, 2015
(Photo courtesy Urbana 15 via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy Urbana 15 via Facebook)

USA (MNN) — A lot goes into preparing for Urbana 15.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship staff has worked tirelessly for months, lining up a theme, speakers, and more.

Urbana 15 speakers are finalizing presentations and have practiced time and time again.

Students have been researching Urbana 15 seminars, making travel arrangements, and spending time in prayer.

And yet, preparing for Urbana 15 doesn’t stop here. There’s still work to be done, and that’s why InterVarsity’s York Moore is on the road.

Preparing for Urbana 15: awareness

Getting the word out is an important part of preparing for Urbana 15. Toward this end, Moore is currently visiting several Christian campuses.

At his first stop this week, Moore spoke at the morning chapel service of Cornerstone University.

In this photo, Moore is speaking at a conference in New York.  (Photo courtesy InterVarsity)

In this photo, Moore is speaking
at a conference in New York.
(Photo courtesy InterVarsity)

“One of the things that I preached on today was Revelation 11:15, which in my mind is the epicenter of the story of God,” says Moore.

“It’s a turning point in the story of God. What comes after that is this incredibly violent, volatile period of time where God begins to make all things new.”

Moore and InterVarsity are helping the Next Generation engage in missions as part of that story.

“If you want to inspire young people to be a part of something larger than themselves, if you want to inspire them to be a part of God’s great story, you don’t say, ‘Hey, go to this great conference. You’re going to have a great time,’” says Moore.

“You invite them into something larger than themselves.”

Preparing for Urbana 15: the invite

(Photo courtesy Cornerstone University via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy Cornerstone University via Facebook)

Along with introducing CU students to Urbana 15 in chapel, Moore met with them individually in a separate follow-up session.

“We had a small room full of staff and students,” shares Moore via e-mail.

“They had questions mostly about how Urbana was different from other conferences, [and] my main answer was that Urbana attracts delegates (conference attendees) who–more than most conferences–are looking for direction in God’s calling and are open to God’s global mission in atypical ways.”

The group told Moore they’re expecting to take “about 2 vans full,” all the way from Grand Rapids to St. Louis for Urbana 15.

“I also shared that one of the major goals of Urbana is to help delegates see the tapestry of Kingdom issues and struggles and how they interrelate,” shares Moore.

“Instead of ‘cannibalizing’ each other, missions organizations and their specific areas of emphasis should be seen as parts of a larger, holistic way the global Church is engaging systemic needs, injustices, and mission.”

urbana 15 blockgraphic

(Graphic courtesy InterVarsity)

If you want to be part of God’s story, it’s not too late to sign up for Urbana 15. Find the details & links you need here.

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