PricelessCube: using pictures to fight human trafficking

By August 4, 2014

Thailand (MNN) — Lack of education, lack of equality, and economic distress are all factors that put families at risk for human trafficking. An e3 Partners team used the new PricelessCube successfully in fifteen villages and two university campuses in northern Thailand to prevent trafficking through education.

But why Thailand? What makes it a high-risk country for human trafficking?

Thailand is a transit nation for many individuals fleeing their native land. Many refugees pour in from North Korea, China, Vietnam, Pakistan, Burma, and other nearby countries. This means a lot of people who can’t fend for themselves, making them easy targets for the slave industry.

Photo Courtesy of e3 Partners

(Photo Courtesy of e3 Partners)

e3 Partners is well-known for their outreach tool, the EvangeCube. The eCube uses the most basic and effective means of communication: storytelling, to reach out and spread the Gospel message. However, now they are using the cube as a weapon in the battle against human trafficking.

The new PricelessCube uses the same method of storytelling to educate people about human trafficking. It starts with a 4-year-old girl and goes on as the girl becomes an enslaved young pregnant woman. The story is one that happens daily, and the cube can be used to effectively raise awareness so that the next target may be saved. Its seven images can be used to arm and educate in the battle against slavery.

You can get your own PricelessCube here.

The eCube is a proven method of communicating the Gospel message to any nation or language, and e3 Partners hopes that the PricelessCube will perform the same way.

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