Print on demand Bibles enable quicker discipleship

By January 3, 2019

International (MNN) — Wycliffe Associates’ Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation (MAST) strategy has helped in quickly translating the Bible into other languages by working with locals and mother-tongue translators. Though the work moves quickly, Wycliffe Associates has a vision for the good news to continue making a fresh impact for generations.

“MAST has basically brought into the sphere of possibility for local teams to accelerate the Bible translation efforts by engaging with people that we’ve known for years when it comes to actually doing Bible translation, but also, leveraging things we’ve learned from the education field and just using language to the way we actually use language to Bible translation,” Wycliffe Associates’ Vice President of Finance, Tim Neu says.

Neu says there’s a great hunger for people to have the Word of God in their heart languages.

The MAST system is a revolutionary approach that helps to bring the translation faster, but it also incorporates quality checking as scriptures are being translated. Team members work together to verify the accuracy of the text in both languages.

Currently, there are 816 Bible translation projects in progress using the MAST system.

Print On Demand

In order to see the impact of these translations last, Wycliffe Associates has started Print On Demand systems, which print the Bibles into native languages.

Neu says the goal is, “making it possible for these local teams not only to do Bible translation, but to actually have it available right away, readily, so that the local believers can start consuming it immediately and in seeing lives changed.”

The Print On Demand units include printers, cutters, and binder equipment to fully manufacture and print the Bible in heart languages.

There are various options for the printing systems and units. Some must be very mobile in order to bring them into hard-to-reach locations and be ready to be packed up and relocated quickly. Other Print On Demand systems do not need to be as mobile and may have larger equipment.

Neu says Wycliffe Associates’ staff and volunteers have conducted research on which units are the better options for the different situations and locations.

For units that are easier to move, the package costs several thousand dollars. For printers that will stay for periods of time, they cost about $25,000.

Tools for Disciples

These units are giving local believers access to the Word of God and the tools they need to gain experience in being disciples in their communities.

(Photo courtesy of Wycliffe Associates via Facebook)

“There are places that we can go, but there are places that we can’t go. There are places that we can go, but we can’t stay. Well, how is God’s Word going to stay fresh and alive?” Neu asks. “Well, it’s going to come through the work of His body in these local communities where they’re being taught, trained, and raised up to impact not just this generation, but future generations with His Word.”

With the Bible present in these communities, the Gospel will continue to spread and grow deep roots in the next generations’ lives.

Neu says as he’s gone to different locations, locals have said that the Bible is making a difference and entire communities are engaging in the Word and coming to life.

Eighty-three Print On Demand systems have been deployed in 26 countries.

Wycliffe Associates’ President and CEO, Bruce Smith said in a press release that, “printing Bibles is the final link in the chain of love.”

Help be that chain of love by supporting Wycliffe Associates’ Print On Demand system. Pray for their work and become a financial partner.

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