Prisoners follow Christ during the pandemic

By May 13, 2021

South Asia (MNN) — When China’s COVID-19 outbreak reached pandemic status in March 2020, Set Free Ministries upheld its commitment to global partners. Despite barriers created by the pandemic, Executive Director Dean Vander Mey says Set Free helped its partners continue discipleship and outreach.

“We didn’t shrink back, and we didn’t stop. We just kept moving forward, knowing that God can keep us healthy,” Vander Mey says.

“We took precautions; everyone was masked up and stuff like that, but it’s proven to be quite effective.”

In a South Asian country, “There’s been an amazing outpouring in the last year. Many people made decisions for Christ and [were] baptized,” Vander Mey says.

Recent prison graduation ceremony
(Photo courtesy of Set Free Ministries)

Believers continued their Gospel work throughout 2020 and the start of this year. Authorities did not stop Set Free and its partners. “They still let us have access to the hospitals, prisons, and to the drug addiction center,” Vander Mey says.

“At one of our events, 165 people [graduated] from a Bible study in prison.”

Ask the Lord to guide new believers as they carry their faith home. “Those men and women who leave prison are living testimonies. They go back to their families, and their communities [and] people are expecting the old person,” Vander Mey says.

“But what they see is something completely and radically different because they’ve been discipled. They have new hearts; they have a new love for God.”



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