Prisoners understanding their identity in Christ

By January 14, 2016

International (MNN) — While transitioning from 2015 into 2016, Set Free Ministries (SFM) has a number of exciting ministry opportunities, including the expansion of their prison ministry.

(Photo courtesy Set Free Ministries via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of Set Free Ministries via Facebook)

Prison Ministry

For about 10 years, SFM’s prison ministry has been in the works, reaching incarcerated people all over the globe, particularly in India. They’ve witnessed the hopeless become hopeful and people who were once called felons turn into loving Christians.

And now, the ministry is excited to see their newest branch bloom in their own hometown.

SFM was invited to the Kent County Jail in western Michigan several months ago so volunteers could teach freedom principles to groups of men known as the “God Pod Men,” explains Vander Mey.

“The God Pod is a very select group of men who are very serious about their faith, who want to grow…. Different ministries from around West Michigan go in there on a regular basis and minister and disciple these guys.”

Men in the God Pods usually have aspirations to become better fathers, husbands, and to follow the Lord with their whole heart. They turn into followers who are hungry for the knowledge of Christ and ready to be trained.

Within the last few months, SFM volunteers have been able to visit God Pods on a weekly basis, teaching them about Jesus and watching the Words of the Gospel take root in the hearts of the men.

“Two weeks ago, we asked who was all in? Who wanted to follow Christ and who’s all in? And I would say probably three quarters of the guys raised their hands.”

Last week, a man told Vander Mey his life had been changed because of the lessons. Once he’s free, he hopes to work at SFM so he can minister to others who are struggling.

“That’s really exciting when you see men who are incarcerated who understand their identity in Christ and know they can be forgiven.”

Other Ministry Opportunities

(Photo courtesy of Set Free Ministries via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of Set Free Ministries via Facebook)

Along with the new prison ministry approach, SFM has continuing projects like their child sponsorship program and mission trips.

At Set Free Ministries, it only takes $20 a month to sponsor a child. With that $20, you’ll be providing physical support and sharing the Word of God.

SFM has seen a growing number of people, groups, and schools are supporting children and entire schools. “Anyone can help in any dimension. So we’re looking for those types of partnerships with churches, with schools, with business men, and even children can help other children.”

Currently, 16 overseas schools are being sponsored through SFM.

Even more exciting, many donors have visited schools and orphanages they’re sponsoring. Last year, a group of 14 saw the end results of a newly-constructed orphanage for more than 500 children.

Vander Mey encourages the global church to become what Jesus wanted. “He says, ‘Now go and make disciples.’ And I think if you enter into that and go and making disciples. That’s where life begins.”

Help the global church grow through words and actions of love.

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