Do pro-Russian antagonists need protection?

By April 8, 2014
(Map courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

(Map courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Ukraine (MNN) — Pro-Russia demonstrators stormed Ukrainian administration buildings in eastern Ukraine on Sunday.

That’s the word from Christians in Ukraine watching the situation. Many believe this is a new propaganda tactic being used by President Vladimir Putin. He’s been telling the world that Russia is defending Russian citizens from what he’s calling the neo-Nazis and nationalist extremists in charge of Ukraine. However, there is nothing to support this claim.

According to a worker with EFCA ReachGlobal in Ukraine, “There was a fairly small group of people who went into Donetsk, Kharkiv, and Luhansk and they took control over the government buildings there.”

According to this worker, the group didn’t stop there. “They used stun-guns, physical force, but no weaponry because the equivalent to the FBI in Ukraine earlier had confiscated over 300 automatic weapons from a group who were planning on doing a similar activity.”

This worker says the intent of this group was revealed clearly Monday. “When they went in, it was their intent that they would take control of the building and then they would call for help from the Russian government to protect them because they had gone in and taken Ukrainian flags down and put up Russian flags.”

Another situation in the city of Kharkiv brings the whole Putin narrative into question. “There [was] a group of Kharkiv residents who showed up holding Ukrainian flags, to stand for Ukraine, and they were attacked and beaten by pro-Russians.” Many believe these were individuals sent into Ukraine to stir up trouble, combined with residents paid by the Russian government.

The question is: who needs protection? The Russians responsible for inciting unrest in Ukraine, or the Ukrainians who are standing up for their country?

According to the EFCA worker, “There’s a lot of misinformation between the countries and misunderstanding between the countries.” She says it’s important to find and understand the truth.

The uncertainty is forcing many Ukrainians to do something else. “Ukrainians are crying out to God and asking for His protection and asking for Him to intercede on their behalf and to provide peace and freedom for their nation.”

EFCA ReachGlobal is concerned about the orphan situation in Ukraine. “There is an emergency situation, not only in Crimea but across Ukraine, with funding situations and with the potential threat of not knowing what to do with the orphans that they currently have–and even the foster care situation.”

EFCA is attempting to gain more information in an effort to assist.

According to this worker, prayer is essential. “The interim government needs prayer. Those standing up for their nationality need our prayers. We need to pray for our Russian brothers and sisters and pray for unity.”

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