Pro-Sharia rebels threaten Christians in Pakistan

By November 6, 2007

Pakistan (MNN) — Compass Direct News says Islamic militants threatened to bomb Pakistani Christians for refusing to convert to Islam. 

"Become Muslim, otherwise we are going to destroy your house with bombs," an anonymous caller told a Christian family in the Swat river region of Pakistan's Northwest Frontier province.

Family members, requesting that their names and village be kept anonymous for security reasons, said they stayed awake all night praying after the 10 p.m. threat. Believers have also maintained a prayer vigil since then.

Another Christian community in that same area has reported increasing pressure to conform to Islamic law in recent months. According to one church leader, Christians in this region are vulnerable because they are isolated.

Since July, followers of Muslim cleric Maulana Fazlullah have worked to enforce sharia (Islamic law) in much of the Swat Valley, prompting clashes with government troops.

Pray for their safety during the state of emergency. Pray also for the valley's Christian minority of approximately 70 families. They've been especially hard hit by the enforcement of Sharia.


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