Problems lead to perseverence

By November 19, 2008

International (MNN) — The Jesus Film Project has suffered from the expanded number of international crises in the past year, unable to minister to areas that were previously reachable. Thankfully, despite multiple setbacks, the ministry has pressed on to accomplish enough to be hopeful for the future.

Jesus Film's Chief of Staff Scott Pendleton says that although the ministry has been detained, they are certain God has plans for it. In the past, the Lord has used situations of confusion and chaos to bring people to questioning.

"It is our hope that as things settle down in some of these areas, the people that are there locally will be asking more life questions and be evaluating what they believe," says Pendleton. "Hopefully, over time, the environment [in these areas] will be such that ministry can continue more than it is right now."

The Jesus Film has made considerable strides this year as well. Pendleton notes that the project might improve with better follow-up. In order to do so, the group has partnered with other organizations like Faith Comes by Hearing, who helps create broadcasts for the project. With better follow-up, the true faith commitments of those receiving the Gospel through film will be able to be better evaluated.

In sheer numbers, the Jesus Film has done well. In 2008, over 40 new dubbings of the film were created, and the group completed its 1,050th dubbing. Although there are still about 500 translations to go, the Jesus Film Project is confident that they are working at a good pace.

Pendleton asks prayer for the ministry in the upcoming year. As finances grow tighter and persecution increases, the organization is certain to face much more hardship. Pray that the Lord would unify Jesus Film and its partners so that the Gospel would continue to be spread to thousands across the globe.

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