Procedural justice, redemption, and you

By July 8, 2015
(Photo courtesy CBI)

(Photo courtesy CBI)

USA (CBI/MNN) — Is there equal space for mercy and justice in a court of law? One U.S. judge thinks so, reports Crossroad Bible Institute.

“Pratt, and others like her, are affirming and respecting the human dignity of defendants while also emphasizing personal accountability for wrongdoing,” reads a recent CBI article.

“If defendants take responsibility for their crimes and complete their alternative sentencing promptly, they can avoid a lengthy jail sentence.”

Judge Victoria Pratt practices “procedural justice,” which keeps the accused accountable while still respecting their dignity. This article by the Guardian details Pratt’s approach and why her results are “turning heads.”

CBI instructors follow an approach similar to procedural justice as they point inmates to the redemption possible only through Jesus Christ.

Redemption road

Many CBI students are hungry for a second chance to restore their lives and their relationships with others. But without an opportunity to prove that they’ve made a change, any one of these students might become discouraged and fall back into old patterns.

“Everyone looks at us as monsters and losers, but not all of us are. We just made bad choices in our lives. Your support really helps,” wrote Crossroad Bible Institute student Joseph about the personal mentoring he receives from his Instructors.

“It helps me to know that people really do care for us incarcerated people.”

CBI_inmate letter

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(Photo, caption courtesy CBI)

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CBI Instructors are committed to recognizing and affirming the positive changes they see in their students. Whether a student is taking responsibility for past actions or committing to living for Christ in the present, CBI Instructors are there to advise, encourage, and offer support.

You can deliver that message, too!

“Ultimately, Pratt’s procedural justice approach creates space for both justice and mercy to have their day in court,” CBI’s article concludes. “While some of Pratt’s counterparts in the justice system are mystified by her tactics, we as Christians are uniquely equipped to understand why her courtroom is so successful.

“We have only to look to the cross to remember just what kind of new life can spring up when mercy meets justice.”

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  • Roberta M says:

    This is such good news! I have long felt that kindness and dignity would go a long way in the treatment of criminals. Justice tempered with mercy.

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