Proclaimers allow anyone to study God’s Word

By June 14, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Five months after the Haiti earthquake, many Haitians have recognized their need for Christ. But how will they grow without the Word of God? And how will they study the Word if they can't read? Faith Comes By Hearing has been attending to that problem with audio scripture Proclaimers.

Ken Edwards with Faith Comes By Hearing recently returned from Haiti. He notes that in some rural areas of the country, as much as 80 percent of the population is illiterate. This can make it difficult for believers to be trained in the Word, since often they can't read it.

In a culture that has been steeped in voodoo practices for ages, it's easy even for believers to get caught up, especially when they can't read the Word to know otherwise.

"Someone may worship in church on Sunday and then have some cultural practices during the week that are not necessarily foundational to the Word of God," says Edwards. "Many times it's because of the lack of discipleship and training, because when you can't read the Word of God, how can you study?"

It's difficult for any new believer anywhere to know what's acceptable in the church and what's not when they have been taught only by culture in the past. That's one of the reasons that Faith Comes By Hearing finds it absolutely vital for believers in Haiti and around the world to have access to the Word of God.

In this case, Faith Comes By Hearing has been distributing Proclaimers–solar-powered devices that contain the whole New Testament in audio. By providing audio Scriptures for pastors, Faith Comes By Hearing can be certain that no one is denied the privilege of soaking in the Word of God.

"For those that need the Word of God in audio, the Scripture will provide the foundation or the basis for them to grow spiritually, which will bring them out of the bondage," says Edwards.

When Edwards was in Haiti, he helped pass out multiple Proclaimers to pastors at a pastors' conference. Pastors were advised to use the devices for discipleship and in small group settings, essentially creating a Bible study with questions and discussions based around hearing the Word.

The Proclaimers have also drawn the interest of nonbelievers. Edwards says one woman who was given a Proclaimer by a pastor, listened to it every night until she finally submitted herself to the Lord; she is now growing fervently in the faith. Her story captures the heartbeat of many other Haitians who have come to the faith from hearing the Scriptures.

Hundreds of Proclaimers have already been delivered to Haiti with the help of Faith Comes By Hearing's various partner ministries, but more are still needed. The spread of the Gospel is foundational to the successful rebuilding of a hope-filled Haiti and to the transformation of Haitian lives. If you would like to help Faith Comes By Hearing distribute even more Proclaimers in Haiti, click here.

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