Proclaimers appeal to Catholic Guatemalans

By April 9, 2010

Guatemala (MNN) — Faith Comes by Hearing is reaching out to the Kekchí Catholic people of Guatemala.  FCBH has recorded the New Testament in the heart language of the Kekchi and has distributed almost 2,400 Audio Bibles, called Proclaimers. The focus has been on establishing listening group in churches, schools and homes of this people group.

The Proclaimers FCBH has delivered already are in the hands of the church leaders to be distributed, with 1050 of them specifically designated for Catholic schools and parishes.

A Guatemalan priest told FCBH that people are showing interest and are "paying close attention."

The response to audio Scripture across Latin America was incredible throughout 2009, as audio Bibles shared Christ's love in seven different languages in 10 countries. Phil Kenney, FCBH manager for the Americas region, thinks the number of listening groups will double by 2012.

Also, in El Salvador, Colombia and Peru, public and private schools are using around 700 Proclaimers, and they hope to expand to Nicaraguan schools soon.

Individuals are learning about Christ's hope and love, despite their poverty and illiteracy.

FCBH could use your help to see even more Proclaimers distributed throughout Latin America. Click here to help.

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