Professional Christians needed to help in secular work around the world

By January 28, 2005

International (MNN) — If you’re someone who says, “I’m a doctor. I’m not called to be a missionary” you may be the person who could make an incredible difference in areas difficult to reach with the Good News of Christ.

The Executive Director of Interserve, USA, Doug Vanbrokhorst says, “What we do is send professionals to work in their professions and that includes places in the Middle East. So, often they’re medical people, but they may be teachers, engineers, lawyers, (and) business people.”

Vanbrokhorst says there’s a reason these kind of volunteers are successful in God’s work. “Places in Asia, Middle East and North Africa tend to need them a lot. And, because they’re Christians they’re willing to use their gifts and skills there.”

Doctors and nurses at a tuberculosis hospital in Jordan are seeing physical and spiritual success. He says Vanbrokhorst says the hospital is becoming, “A very well known institution now in that part of the world, as several countries send patients there who are resistant to normal treatments for TB. And, while they’re there, of course, they are able to share love in all sorts of ways, including talking about their faith. So, it changes lives.”

If you’re interested in using your profession for Christ, go to their web site,

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