Project trains farmers in natural techniques

By April 15, 2014
(Photo courtesy Baptist Global Response)

(Photo courtesy Baptist Global Response)

Asia (BGR) — Farmers in a region of Asia have limited access to agricultural education, so a new Baptist Global Response project is offering them the opportunity to acquire agricultural training.

According to the BGR partner, local farmers often use a lot of expensive chemical herbicides, fertilizers, and medicines to grow even the most basic crops. This project will provide them with simple farming methods they can use immediately in their local environments.

“Our goal is to teach the local farmers how to use natural methods to farm their land,” the partner says. “These methods can be applied to a variety of crops, and the fertilizers can be easily made at home.”

At least 50 farmers will be trained in natural farming over a one-year period, and then they will encourage those trainees to return to their communities and teach their neighbors the same lessons. Partners will follow up with each farmer to encourage them and help them train others.

At each touch point, there is an opportunity to talk about what motivates the teams to provide this kind of help. It often opens doors to talk about the differences following Christ makes in a community.

Pray that Father would use these trainings to help improve the financial lives of the farmers so they can provide for their families. Pray that people would use these natural methods and that their health would improve as a result.


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