Propaganda on tour

By November 25, 2011

China (MNN) — Three former Chinese house church leaders recently left the Dallas Theological Seminary quite upset after attending its Chinese Bible exhibition “Thy Word Is Truth”.

According to Voice of the Martyrs, Canada source, China Aid, the three Chinese house church leaders felt that the display of Chinese Bibles is leading North Americans to believe that Christians in China have religious freedom. All three of the house church leaders denouncing the exhibit’s propaganda have been imprisoned themselves for their faith in Christ Jesus.

A forum was held on November 11 at Northwest Bible Church in Dallas to discuss the exhibit of Chinese Bibles. The discussion was led by representatives of China's government-controlled church and two professors from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Reverend Kan Baoping, General Secretary of China Christian Council, stated at the discussion forum, “[We are here] mainly because some people in America continue to believe there is a need to smuggle Bibles into China… and Christians are being persecuted in our country. If we Christians in China were really under persecution, would we be able to come here and do all the ministries we do in China?”

Further claims to support their case included the fact that China’s government-run Amity Press recognizes millions of Bibles published in their country.

But the facts reveal something more. While there are millions of Bibles published in China, nearly two-thirds of those are exported and the rest are only sold in churches registered under the government’s management umbrella known as the “Three-Self”. Not much is left for believers in churches who refuse to register under government control.

Also, the 2011 publication of the World Watch List has China listed as number 16 under the “severe limitations” category in a long list of countries where Christians are persecuted.

This is the third time the “Three-Self” of China has sent its “Thy Word Is Truth” on tour through North America. The exhibit has already been shown in Washington, D.C. and Chicago.

Please continue to remember and pray for our brothers and sisters who are suffering for the name of Christ in China. Pray for strength and courage within the Chinese church and for the wrongs they endure to be exposed to the world and stopped.

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