Prospective Missionaries have a place to research

By March 29, 2005

USA (MNN/Brigada) — Prospective overseas missionaries have a place to go to learn about missions work overseas. While all Christians are missionaries, “The Journey Deepens” is a weekend retreat to help prospects explore, discover and connect with how they could become a missionary in another culture.

According to, these weekends are for college students, professionals, and high school seniors who are willing to become a missionary but not sure if that’s God’s will or how that could unfold. Each retreat of 50 participants and 5 experienced missionaries from multiple agencies is highly relational with extended worship, small group discussions, personal reflection and much prayer.

Discussions include the missionary call, support-raising, singles/families, and more. The next retreat will be April 15-17 in Davis, Oklahoma (between Dallas and Oklahoma City). The Journey Deepens is presented by Missions Focus International and co-sponsored by ACMC, Caleb Project, Perspectives and the U.S. Center for World Mission. Browse

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