Protesting subsides in Bolivia and humanitarian groups return

By October 31, 2003

Bolivia (MNN)–Food for the Hungry team members have been waiting to return to Bolivia.

Protests are finally subsiding after the Bolivian president was ousted and a new president was elected. After five weeks of protests resulting in over 65 deaths and 200 injuries, new Bolivian president, Carlos Mesa, is examining protest killings.

Mesa moved into the presidency after Gonzales resigned last Friday. City barricades have been lifted and air travel has resumed.

Bolivia is one of the 37 countries that Food for the Hungry administers relief and development programs. Staff memebers were safely relocated to a neighboring country last week as a precautionary measure after the hostile uprising.

Staff have kept in contact with the U.S. Embassy in assessing the current situation. Security officers believe it is safe for staff members to return and are re-deploying staff back to Bolivia to continue the community development programs.

“Food for the Hungry” provides emergency relief to countries all over the world. The organization helps some of the world’s most disadvantaged people in 37 countries through child development programs, agriculture and clean-water projects, health and nutrition programs, education and micro-enterprise loans.

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