Protests build in Haiti

By October 17, 2013

Haiti (MNN) – The conditions in Haiti have become the perfect tinder, threatening fire at the slightest spark.

Eva Dehart of For Haiti with Love explains that the fuel behind these political demonstrations is the general resistance to change. “Whether Martelly is good or whether he’s bad is almost beside the point.”

HaitiDemonstration10-2013The police, in an effort to keep the demonstrations peaceful, often close off traffic to allow the march without interruption. The mass numbers have nearly stopped the already chaotic traffic of Cap Haitian.

“It just generally slows down everything while they’re voicing their opinions. Though it’s an inconvenience to us and an inconvenience to a lot of other people who are trying to help, I’m just thankful that recent manifestations have not been violent,” says Dehart. The disruption of traffic also inhibits the ministry, especially in the case of transporting supplies from the docks to their headquarters in Cap Haitien.

Though the protests have remained peaceful, they have grown in size. So far, they have not been threatened by the protests. The marches have disrupted their ability to transport supplies to headquarters. With the streets packed as they are, transport is risky and slow.
Dehart recognizes the potential for violence, saying [sic] “When you get that many people together who are that passionate about what they’re out there for, all it takes are sparks from the opposition to trigger something massive.”

Dehart adds that the containers they are transporting are full of food, a major topic of protest. People who don’t think they will gain from the ministry could very well act violently against them.

God has thus far protected For Haiti with their reputation of aid and Christ-like love for the people. However, if violence ensues from these protests, there could be danger for the organization. If, for instance, the ministry has to close down their clinics or cease their food program, the situation could become volatile.

This is a point of concern since the donations to For Haiti have been decreasing while prices increase. Christians can encourage their churches to be involved in a monthly gift to For Haiti, and for more information on how to give, click here. Pray that God will provide the funds to keep this ministry going. Pray for his protection over the Christians in Haiti, and that they would use this situation to share the gospel. Pray for receptive ears, and for the people to reach a peaceful decision.

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