Providing Christian resources amidst upheaval in China

By July 23, 2019

China (MNN) — China and Hong Kong have been regular staples for news headlines thanks to recent upheaval and uncertainty. Some of that uncertainty is touching the local Church as tighter regulations and limits on Bible sales make it difficult for local believers to get their hands on Christian resources.

That’s why Jason Woolford and Mission Cry want to take advantage of the windows of opportunity they have right now before it’s too late.

Through their programs, they’re collecting Bibles, books, and other Christian resources, packing them into shipping containers, and sending them to China. Thanks to local business partners, Mission Cry can clear their containers for shipping, then have locals manage distribution once the crates arrive.

Their last shipping container has already been distributed. “Nearly 40,000 people got either a free Bible or Christian book and they’re begging us, as there’s nearly 7.4 million people living in Hong Kong, they’re begging us for another sea container,” Woolford says.

Now, they’re prepping for their next container. Money is a major obstacle to the project, though shipping the container will still be cheaper than it might be for someone without their contacts.

Photo courtesy of Mission Cry

“I will have nearly a half a million dollars worth of used Bibles and Christian books on it, and we can we can send that and get it there and get it distributed for $10,000,” Woolford says. In other words, it’s comparatively affordable; it costs less than 30 cents to get a Christian book from the U.S. into a Chinese believer’s hand.

If one container can impact almost 40,000 people, imagine what multiple containers could do. But if Mission Cry is going to send resources, they’re going to have to act fast. Woolford speculates that a combination of internal policies and external issues could make it difficult for Mission Cry and other organizations to continue servicing the Chinese Church.

“If you talk about a window closing, it could very well close even sooner,” Woolford says. That’s why funding this next container is so important. “As soon as we have the funding of $10,000, we’ll immediately be able to order the container. We’ll be able to load it and get it on rail and get it to Hong Kong within 40 days,” he says.

Want to help? Pray about what part God wants you to play, then get involved right here to provide the financial resources this new container needs.

“I pray that as they honor God in living and giving to Him that He would meet every need that they have in the spiritual, physical and financial realms of their life in Jesus’ name.”



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