Providing education for missionary kids provides peace of mind, helps parents to continue ministry

By May 14, 2010

Ukraine (MNN) — In ministry, "We hear a lot about missionaries, or we hear a lot about nationals. But we don't hear a lot about missionary kids," said Day Wysong, a missionary to the Ukraine with The Mission Society.

Therefore, Wysong and his family have been ministering to this often-overlooked group for the past six years at the Kiev Christian Academy. Beginning in the early 1990s, the academy started with only two kids in a homeschool-like setting . It has grown significantly, with over 30 missions represented, with ministries to the Middle East, Russia, Belarus and all across Europe.

The school's location is ideal because there is more religious freedom in the Ukraine than in other areas of Europe, which makes the country an excellent location for missionaries to launch ministry from. "Our school is unashamedly targeted to missionary kids. By doing that, we partner with missionaries and, hopefully, ease their concerns about their children's educations so that they can focus on the ministries that God has led them to."

All education is in English and is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International to provide first through twelfth grade schooling. While 65 percent of the students are American, another large percent (25%) is from South Korea; the rest come from countries such as Holland, Nigeria and various European countries.

Like any other kids, these kids may struggle spiritually, emotionally or academically. So, Wysong and the rest of the staff come alongside these kids personally to make sure they are coping with life in another country as a missionary kid. They also ask, "How can we help that child become who God wants him or her to be?" Wysong said.

As The Mission Society ministers to these kids, they also involve them in ministry throughout Ukraine, whether with orphans, the homeless or another form of outreach.

To continue this outreach and education, Wysong said he is always looking for quality teachers to pour into these kids' lives, as well as additional support to provide for staff and students.

Click here to help The Mission Society and Wysong continue helping missionary kids at Kiev Christian Academy.

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    Looking for online or at home school work for my daughter we are moving from USA to Kenya and we do not want to send her away to school we want her to complete 10-12 grade at home with us. Please advise if you can assist us with this. Thank you

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