PTEE coursework to be taught in Ugandan refugee camps

By August 27, 2018

North Africa (MNN) – The Program for Theological Education by Extension (PTEE), based in Amman, Jordan, has classes across the Middle East and North Africa. Some of these places include Sudan and South Sudan. However, because of outside pressures, some Sudanese and South Sudanese Christians have made their way to refugee camps inside Uganda.

PTEE in North Africa

PTEE’s *Ethan says he spent time teaching PTEE programs in both Sudan and South Sudan. Now, he is helping train the displaced Sudanese and South Sudanese churches in neighboring Uganda.

“We have many church leaders now who are leading the Church in South Sudan, they [were] trained by [the] PTEE program when they were in North Sudan. And the churches, they know [the] PTEE program…They want to be reached with PTEE programs. When we started to share with church leaders here in Uganda, most of the people welcome it because they know the effectiveness of the PTEE programs,” Ethan says.

Help Educate Through PTEE

PTEE’s programs train local churches not only in theological truths but also the practical application of these truths. PTEE utilizes the extension methodology, which includes on location leadership education, stakeholder-centered curriculum, interactive self-study course materials, weekly group seminars, qualified learning facilitators, and practical ministry experience. However, the Sudanese Christians living in the refugee camps need help to receive PTEE training.

Representative photo of Sudanese refugee camp in Uganda. (Photo Courtesy of UNHCF Photo Unit/F. Not via Flickr)

“We still need support for materials, especially here in refugee camps,” Ethan shares.

Currently, the training resources available to the Sudanese and South Sudanese Christians in these camps are in English, but these Christians speak Arabic. PTEE Arabic coursework could solve this linguistic problem. The issue, though, is resources.

“We need books, we need photocopy machines, we need papers. And…we need the Western Church, our brothers and sisters who are outside, they can support us,” Ethan explains. “Help us to make the materials to be available.”

Be Prayerful, Be Active

So please, consider coming alongside the Sudanese and South Sudanese churches in Ugandan refugee camps.

Start by praying for peace in Sudan and South Sudan. Ask God to encourage, strengthen, and help these Christians to persevere. Pray for the necessary resources to be made available for the Sudanese and South Sudanese Christians currently living in refugee camps in Uganda. And ask God to lead you in how you can come alongside your Sudanese and South Sudanese brothers and sisters.

Want to help? Give to PTEE to help reduce the tuition price of classes for Sudanese and South Sudanese Christians. Also, give to help purchase materials for the Sudanese and South Sudanese Christians who are seeking training in the Ugandan refugee camps.

Financially support the Sudanese Church in Uganda here.


*Name has been changed for security purposes.

(Header photo courtesy of PTEE)

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