Putting Jesus on every screen: about IMM

By August 22, 2018

Int’l (MNN) – Imagine putting the Gospel of Jesus Christ on every phone, computer, tablet and television screen around the world. It sounds almost impossible, but that’s the goal of International Media Ministries (IMM).

IMM works to achieve their big goal by partnering directly with locals around the globe.  Currently they work in about 25-30 languages in Europe, Africa, Eurasia, and the Middle East.

Denise Godwin, President of IMM, explains, “We work in partnership with people in these regions. So we don’t sit around as a ministry and say, ‘That would be a cool idea.’ We go out and say, ‘What is it you need? And what language do you need it in? And how can we partner together to create something that will address a need in your culture or something that needs to be said about Jesus in your culture?’”

High-Risk Areas and the Heritage Project

This can get tricky, especially in high-risk areas like North Africa and the Middle East. Yet, people in those areas often do not realize the rich Christian history native to their homelands.

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Godwin explains that their Heritage Project works to combat the common idea that Islam is the only religion native to North Africa and the Middle East. Instead local viewers can see that the Church existed early on in these areas.

A Local Model

The model for this project (and others like it) involves local people who speak the native North African and Middle Eastern languages as both collaborators and presenters.

Once the finished product is ready to distribute they put it again into the hands of local Christians and stations who believe in their mission. These local language speakers can then follow up with those who receive the message.

“We are very careful not to just throw things onto the internet,” Godwin notes. “But give it into the hands of somebody who can speak the language and help a new believer or a seeker of Christ to begin to meet other believers in the region so that they are not just alone.”

Not only does this model help to build up the local church, but it helps new believers see that they are not alone. They are not the only ones who have heard this message and believed in their area.

Partnering with International Media Ministries

Yet, even getting these resources into the hands of those who can use them can be challenging. And that’s where the global church can get involved.

“When you’re sending truths into dark places, there is a lot of push back and attacks and it is really important that we are bathed and covered in prayer as we set out to say truth into a closed part of the world.”

Godwin continues, “It’s important to support financially if you can, because these things don’t pop-up automatically. It takes a lot of work and a lot of people and resources. And the beauty of having missions supporters with us is we can get this stuff into people’s hands for no cost or at all and just get it out there.”

Consider joining IMM by volunteering, donating to the Heritage project, or by praying for their ministries. To learn more about IMM and how you can get involved, click here.

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