Putting missions in the minds of youngsters

By March 10, 2011

International (MNN) — Some reports show that 60 percent of the world population is under the age of 24.

Eric Mock, Vice President of Ministry Operations for Slavic Gospel Association suggests that if the majority of the globe is made up of children and young adults, the church ought to place serious focus on that demographic.

Unfortunately, says Mock, "Somehow the church has become a point of destination [rather] than a point of departure." In other words, young people are seldom expected or challenged to get too involved with the mission field.

SGA wants to help change that by exposing children to mission work across the globe. Their main medium is a brand new Vacation Bible School video add-on.

"It's called ‘My Mission Adventure.' It contains four video segments on the main countries that we work in in the Former Soviet Union: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan," explains Mock.

Mock says the video program, which can be added to any existing VBS program, is meant to excite kids to live life on a mission for Christ. The videos include several stories of orphan children in the Former Soviet Union who have been transformed by Christ and are now faithful witnesses to his power.

Hundreds of thousands of kids participate in some sort of VBS every summer, and SGA hopes this small add-on project will be enough to start planting missions in the minds of young believers.

"[We're] hoping that in the midst of this, they will develop a mindset to be giving of their personal time to pray, and ultimately some sort of resources that they may be committed to the Great Commission," says Mock.

Best case scenario? "They will be bolder witnesses in their schools, they will become bolder witnesses in their family, and even bolder in their commitment to pray and support believers around the world–and in our case, specifically in the land of Russia."

If your church is interested in promoting Kingdom work by discipling and preparing the next generation to be Kingdom builders, consider using "My Mission Adventure" in your VBS ministry this year. The DVDs are completely free and can be obtained by calling 1-800-BIBLE-50, or by contacting SGA at their Web site.

Note: My Mission Adventure is only meant as an add-on to an existing, Christ-centered VBS program. It is not meant to be used as a substitute for a VBS program.

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