Quake jolts; ministry begins.

By April 19, 2005

India (MNN)–This weekend’s Indian Ocean quake jolted many survivors of the March 28th event. It was the second quake to hit the area in 24-hours, reinforcing fears in the fishing villages near India.

Dave Stravers is with Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Mission India. He says many of the fishermen are now afraid to go out on the waters. So, their teams are doing vocational training. “We are also going to be starting adult literacy training and small business skills training. There are other kinds of alternate occupations that people can be involved in.”

Stravers says the natural disaster has proven to be the key to ministry in the area. “You know, they’ve been shaken up by God. I think maybe this is actually God’s plan to open them up to the eternal life that they can have in Jesus, and really, the freedom from fear in their lives.”

There is a definite softening toward believers in the area. Stravers goes on to explain that, “Before the tsunami, these fishing villages were very resistant to any evangelistic witness, and now, they’re wide open.” In fact, the village mayors often welcome Christians with open arms–having felt the compassion of Christ before hearing the words.

But funding is needed to keep the vocational projects running. If you want to help, visit Mission India’s website by following the highlighted link above.

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