Radical Hindu assault hits Bible distribution in India

By August 29, 2008

India (MNN) — The radical Hindu violence against Christians in Orissa State, India, has had a direct impact on the work of World Bible Translation Center.

Sampson, with WBTC says, "Our distributors, they're all living in the jungles. They have lost the Bibles. An estimated 4,500 Bibles have burned and destroyed. Distributors are being asked to leave the villages where they've distributed the Bibles."

According to Sampson, the Bibles that have already been distributed are impacting the region. "There have been a lot of people who are coming to know the Lord and are being greatly blessed, being challenged. People have changed a lot by reading the Bible."

This information is actually supported by the Hindu radicals. "One of the leaders of the Hindu fundamentalist organization announced that there has been another increase in the number of secret believers — about 7.6 percent — in Orissa."

While some are discouraged, many Christians aren't. Sampson says, "They're trusting the Lord and finding ways to come back to their native villages [and] come back to their churches. Of course, they find them in ruins and ashes. They want to start the work all over again."

But they can only do that with Bibles. Sampson says since the violence started, so has the demand for Bibles. "We had plans to distribute 30,000 Bibles, but now the need has increased, and we need an estimated 66,000 Bibles."

Supplies of the Oriya Bible were already low. Now, the need is desperate.

While these believers suffer, your prayer and financial support can help them reach this goal. "[Christians] are facing a lot of trouble, but still they're standing strong in the Lord and they're just waiting for an opportunity to give the Word of God to the needy people."

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