Radicals beat Gospel for Asia missionary

By November 18, 2009

South Asia (MNN) — Imagine if you were on your way home from church, waiting at the bus stop, when a group of men approach you and without a word begin beating you.

This is exactly what happened to Sandeep Gutpa as he made his way home after leading a worship service on Nov. 9, according to Gospel for Asia.

Six men from a well-known anti-Christian group in the area approached him and began beating him. They did not say a word until a crowd surrounded them.

"The fellow is converting our people to a foreign religion," they said. The attention of the crowd only fueled their actions, and they tore off Gupta's shirt, slammed him to the ground and kicked him numerous times.

GFA reported, "As their anger intensified, they threatened to kill him."

Outnumbered, Gupta could not get away. The radicals then told him to recite a chant in worship to a local god. However, Gupta refused, "Even if you take my life, I won't say that."

Finally, the men stopped beating him and left him severely injured at the bus stop. No one offered to help him. When Gupta finally reached his home, he was able to contact his ministry leaders and get medical attention.

After receiving multiple blows to the head, Gupta cannot hear out of his right ear. Pray that he would be fully healed from the attack.

Also, pray for Gupta's spiritual well-being and for him not to grow discouraged but maintain a strong witness. Pray for the 15 members of his congregation, as well, not to be scared away because of the attack, but stand firm in their faith.

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