Kid-Friendly Devotionals Reach the Balkans with the Gospel

By May 20, 2016

Albania (MNN) – In 2014, Keys for Kids began translating their ministry resources into Albanian. Since that time, the daily devotionals have been broadcast on Radio 7, the largest network of radio stations in the Balkans.

Enkelejda (Lejda) Kumaraku of Radio 7 shares, “We broadcast in the countries of Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, and Greece.” Those radio stations reach 90% of the country, including highly remote regions.

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The opportunity to share the Gospel is not taken lightly. The percentage of evangelicals in Albania and its neighboring countries is low due to the region’s history.

While Albania has had freedom of religion for 25 years, after being the only atheist country in the world, many young families are learning about Jesus Christ for the first time. Lejda says, “Having somebody like Keys for Kids to help us teach biblical principles to children is a wonderful blessing and it is a great help for the Albanian Church.”

While Christianity is growing, there are many families who are unable to attend church because there are no local congregations near them or because of persecution inside their own homes.

Lejda continues, “There is a huge number of listeners who cannot keep a Bible in their homes, and radio is the only way for them to grow up spiritually.”

Keys for Kids allows mothers to share the Gospel with their children, even in homes where they cannot openly speak about God. The Keys for Kids ministry is now expanding further in the region, so more families may hear and understand the hope of the Gospel.

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Testimonial from Radio 7 Listener

Lejda asks for prayer for Radio 7 – specifically for protection. “Pray for protection of our staff and our equipment against any attack.”

Christians – or “People of the Cross” as they are called by other religions – face ongoing persecution. She asks that prayers be lifted for God’s wisdom in everything that is done on behalf of the Gospel at Radio 7, and she asks for prayers for the listeners. “Pray for the ones who are being persecuted for their faith – and the number is big.”

Learn more about what Keys for Kids is doing in Albania and around the world, and be part of their valuable work through your prayers and financial support. 

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