Radio helps start churches in India

By September 2, 2011

India (MNN) — "Radio is one of the most powerful means to communicate [the Gospel], especially in rural areas," says Daniel Punos with Gospel for Asia.

That's why Gospel for Asia has been investing in it for more than 30 years.

Punos says radio is more effective in Asia than the United States because people listen to it like they did during the golden age of radio. "Whole families gather around the radio in the villages. Communicating the Gospel and God's Word through radio is one of the most powerful means to communicate the truth of God's Word."

Gospel for Asia programming has grown over the years. "We have over 110 languages on the radio beaming into India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Burma and all these different countries in Southeast Asia. We get over one million responses a year telling us that this is the first time that they've heard about Jesus," added Punos.

Those responses sometimes indicate unique conversion experiences.

Punos says radio is able to go into areas antagonistic to Christians. "Radio isn't threatening. You can turn it off if you want to, so people don't really feel threatened by the radio."

While the anti-Christian sentiment isn't a threat, Punos says radio is very effective in evangelism. "He's not just preaching on the air, but we address specific difficulties and problems in society and families and individuals. We talk about the reasons, and then we talk about what the Bible says and how Jesus can answer these questions."

While GFA is already having an impact in India, there's still so much more to do. "We would love to increase to at least 300 languages. In India alone, there are 1,000 dialects. But these people need to hear the Gospel."

According to Punos, radio goes ahead of their people. He tells us about one listener's letter, who writes: "Every morning we gather around the radio and listen to the broadcast. We've all given our hearts to Jesus. Can you please send someone to tell us what to do next? I mean, a church was planted before even one of our people got there."

If you'd like to help GFA's radio ministry with air time or language expansion, click here.

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