Christian radio: it’s something to celebrate in Uganda

By April 30, 2019

Uganda (MNN) – In places like the U.S., God’s Word is only a swipe or click away. Believers can access God’s Word instantly online or through a mobile phone app. It’s a completely different story in Uganda.

Christian resources are hard to come by — even for pastors. AMG International’s Bill Passons reports that 85% of pastors have no formal training or access to essentials like Bible commentaries. Many pastors in remote regions lack complete copies of Scripture.

Nearly two decades ago, AMG’s national leader Reuben Musiime decided to do something about it. He began a radio ministry to help Ugandan Christians better understand and follow what the Bible teaches.

“The radio broadcast serves several different needs there,” Passons says. “For one, it’s a constant and weekly opportunity to preach truth.”

Broadcasting truth

(Photo courtesy of AMG International)

Today, AMG’s radio broadcast reaches approximately 12 million listeners every Sunday morning. Listeners hear the broadcast spoken in a local language, Lunyankole. This makes engaging with God’s Word in the language they use on a daily basis easy and accessible.

The broadcast functions as a way to introduce listeners to God’s Word. It also serves other functions by providing time to answer listener questions about the Bible and theology.

Listener questions give the broadcast time to dive deeper into the Bible and biblical teaching tools to understand God’s Word in a new way.

Passons explains that for some in Uganda, this radio ministry is a way to correct misguided beliefs about what the Bible says.

He says, “[This is] a way to not just correct untruth out there, but also to relieve someone’s fears because truth does set people free.”

The broadcast also connects listeners throughout Uganda as it provides updates on various ministry projects.

Passons says, “It serves as a way to share what God’s doing in Uganda… it gives us an opportunity to praise God and…encourage people with what God is doing.”

Next Steps

(Photo courtesy of AMG International via Facebook.)

For those curious about the church, Passons says the broadcast provides a space for them to engage with God’s Word.

“For some people it actually serves… as a way that they can be fed on a regular basis. It has been a huge blessing and we continue to pray that God will continue to use and it will bear much fruit.”

If you want to get involved and help support this ministry, AMG has several ways you can help. First, by supporting AMG in their Media Evangelism, you are also supporting Uganda’s radio ministry.

Click here to donate to AMG and help listeners hear God’s Word.

AMG also asks for prayers for the director of the radio program, Reuben Musiime, so that he may have wisdom as he addresses various biblical and theological topics.

Finally, pray that listeners hear and respond to God’s Word and the Gospel truth.



Header photo courtesy of AMG International.