Radio ministry to Sudan mourns the loss of a faithful worker

By March 6, 2008

Sudan (MNN)– Words of Hope's Lee
DeYoung says their ministry into Sudan faces an unexpected challenge. 

Their senior
Nuer broadcast producer, Brother Elijah Tot Deng, was seemingly healthy when he
developed a sinus problem. "He was in his mid-40s and developed some symptoms late last year,
in 2007. He went to Nairobi to get some treatment. One thing led to another,
and he passed away on March 5th of cancer of the liver or stomach." Brother Elijah is survived by a wife and five
young children. 

The funeral
will be conducted Friday by Rev.Peter Makuac, who will represent Middle East
Reformed Fellowship's Board and the Lokichoggio staff.

Atallah, General of the MERF, writes of Brother Elijah's work, "He gained the
respect and trust of the Turkana people and their leaders, unlike many other
Sudanese based in northern Kenya. He
will be very hard to replace."

DeYoung says their Gospel
programs will continue to go out with the help of two other producers. However, they do need someone who can tie the ministry with its

Pray that God will bring the right
person to the broadcast. DeYoung says, "We've also been involved in leadership
development among the Sudanese in Nuer and Dinka. It gives us an opportunity to
have gotten to know a few dozen people at a time who are training to be
evangelists and pastors. That has served to be a way in which we can identify people
who can be recruited." 

Approximately two years ago, WOH opened a new studio on the border of Kenya
and Sudan and began broadcasting the
Gospel nightly in Dinka and Nuer. The safer locale places their team on the
cusp of growth into Arab-speaking nations.

Their vision, according to DeYoung, is not only to continue broadcasting and
offer training, but to also someday open facilities into southern Sudan.


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