Radio prayer revival concludes

By December 5, 2007

USA (MNN) — Life Action Ministries partnered with two other organizations to present "Seeking Him: A National Prayer Meeting for Revival."

The meeting actually happened everywhere around the United States at the same time each week via radio. Byron Paulus, president of Life Action Ministries, says it is refreshing
to stop and think that "in times when we want to race to music and messages, radio air time is being given over to nothing but prayer–men and women crying out to God to intervene
in our nation." 

Though the 12-week revival concluded on Saturday, December 1, Paulus says the movement may have just begun. "I do believe that so many hearts have been stirred that they're going to call their local radio stations and say, ‘What can we do? How can we
weekly join with the hearts of literally thousands of people across this nation?'" 

More than 100 radio stations took part in this movement once weekly on Saturday mornings.  "I think many of them are doing it because they realize that we are in the midst of a 150th anniversary of the Last Great Awakening, known as the prayer revival [1857-1858]," said Paulus.

He says many Christians believe that "if God's going to move again, like 150 years ago, its going to be birthed on our knees in prayer."

During the weekly radio prayer time, prayers were focused on God's heart, asking that His power would be unleashed from Heaven. There are many stories of hearts being strengthened in prayer through these revival programs.

"Somebody said that you learn how to pray by listening to Godly men and women pray," said Paulus. That is exactly what happened during this revival. 

Though Paulus holds the term "revival" sacred, he says there have been stirrings in small places
throughout the country since then.

Though it was scheduled to end on December 1, Paulus says "God knows how long he wants His people

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