Radio program reaches past the borders of India

By May 5, 2010

India (MNN) — India is hungry for something more–possibly in the form of the message of Christ.

This is apparent in the more than 8,000 responses to the HCJB Global weekly radio program since it first aired in November. Christopher and Dolly Kirubakaran produce the Hindi/English program, which airs every Sunday evening, sharing stories about unsung heroes in India and what they are doing in the name of Christ.

In addition to the stories shared, the program addresses social issues facing India's population, such as "dowries, honoring parents, protecting children, suicide among students and job seekers, adoption, relationships and moral standards," Dolly said.

HCBJ Global said, "It is within hearing range of two-thirds of India's population, as well as in neighboring Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh."

And in a country where few people go to church, if they even have a church in their area, this weekly message may be their only chance to hear of Christ's love.

Over Easter, the Kirubakarans had several special holiday programs, and they saw more than 1200 responses to those programs alone.

A few people have complained about the broadcast being Christian propaganda, but for the most part, believers and nonbelievers alike are thankful for it.

The couple asks for prayer: "Please pray for wisdom for follow-up material being sent and more required to keep it simple but non-objectionable."

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