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Published on 02 June, 2010

Radio programs share Gospel where missionaries have never been welcome

Asia (MNN) — Over the past year, Gospel for Asia has seen its radio programming expand to reach 110 languages currently with the message of Christ. In many of these language areas, missionaries have never been welcome.

Last year alone, more than a million listeners wrote to GFA in response to their programs, relaying struggles, prayer requests and stories of how Christ changed their lives.

Of these individuals, GFA Radio allows India's upper class to listen to the message of Christ in their own home when social pressure prevents them from going to church or contacting a missionary.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, many hear this programming in rural villages where no missionary has ever been and where radio is still sometimes the only link to outside information.

One such community had several individuals who had been listening faithfully. When one of the villagers, Lailush Chintu, wrote to GFA, missionaries discovered his village was just 10 miles from them, but the trek there was difficult.

When the missionaries were finally able to get through, they discovered villagers ready and curious to hear about the message they had to deliver. Today, there is a small, thriving church in this village.

Pray for these and other GFA Radio listeners to continue to be encouraged by the words on each program and for more and more people to turn to Christ.

Help more people hear the words of Christ in their own language by donating today.

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