Radio station promotes basic health training

By May 6, 2014
Photo by Reach Beyond.

(Photo by Reach Beyond)

Lesotho (MNN) — After three days of training, 50 men and women danced across the stage to receive certificates for completing a community health worker training course in Lesotho, Africa.

During the three days of health training, Reach Beyond staff members spent many moments with the group of local volunteer health workers. Tears of joy and sorrow were shed as the participants worshiped God together and learned about good hygiene practices including hand washing, transmission of disease, the importance of clean water and sanitation, basic first aid, and care for dying patients.

The training course was held in partnership with a local Christian radio station, Harvest FM. The ministry’s director, Mary Lekhoaba, felt challenged to expand the hands-on aspect of the ministry and asked Reach Beyond for assistance with medical supplies and training of community healthcare volunteers.

President of Reach Beyond, Wayne Pederson, says, “When we gave some basic teaching about clean water, this one woman said, “Hey, we’re not going to have tummy aches in our village anymore because now we know how to have clean water for our people.”

Another man was amazed to discover that dirt should not be put into a cut to help it heal. “As the explanation followed–why soap and clean water help heal and keep infection away, a bright smile of understanding passed over his face,” says co-leader of the training course, Karen Cole. “Now he would share his knowledge with the elders of the village.”

Pederson is thankful for “these 50 men and woman who came together and learned some basic hygiene principles. They can take back to their villages life-changing and community-changing” information, he says.

Teaching locals about health care give Reach Beyond the opportunity to make a difference in the villages throughout Lesotho.

“People don’t care what you know until they know that you care,” says Pederson. “When the radio station begins to do training and health care, it gives them an identity, a reputation, and integrity in the community that really makes a difference.”

Helping the locals with healthcare opens the door for Reach Beyond to share the Gospel. Trainers encourage and challenge the fifty men and women to serve their patients with compassion and love, seeing them through the eyes of Jesus.

Pederson asks for prayer and support as the ministry continues to teach locals basic health care.

You can make a difference in the lives of villagers by giving funds to Reach Beyond, volunteering, and prayer.

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