Radio still reaching the needy in India

By July 17, 2007

India (MNN) —   During the summer months, Words of Hope has several of their staff members traveling internationally. Christy Pins was in Uganda, Robert Fortner continues with his research project throughout East Africa, and Lee DeYoung recently returned from India.

Christians are facing many challenges in India, and some of it relates to the growth of the church. Words of Hope continues to touch the lives of many people in "closed" countries by sending them the gospel message over the radio. As the people are converted, the churches grow. In India the growth has brought increased pressure from radicalized groups. The Hindu nationalist BJP Party is working to enact an anti-conversion law in the northern state of Uttarakhand. These anti-conversion laws are designed toward missionary activity.

Words of Hope is asking for prayer for Stephen Paul's oversight of all the groups ministry throughout India and how best to help encourage the Christians and bring others to Christ.

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