Radio team heads to India

By July 12, 2012

India (MNN) — According to Orphan Outreach, India has the largest orphan population in the world — 31 million. In addition, the ministry says 60,000 children per year are born with HIV in India, and that number continues to significantly increase. Orphan Outreach is coming alongside nationals to help them make a difference in the lives of at least some of these children.

Today, a team is heading to India to do just that. Our sister station 91.3 WCSG in Grand Rapids, Michigan is leading the team. “We have 15 listeners from all walks of life and all areas of West Michigan who will be going with us.”

The team will be in northern India. “We’re going to be mainly in an orphanage in the foothills of the Himalayas, a place called Manali, and I’ve heard that fewer than half of 1% of people are Christians in that general area.”

WCSG says time is the key to describing their work. “Time is really something that they value tremendously — just getting to spend some time, getting to know you, and getting to share stories and those types of things. Along with sharing stories, of course, [we’ll be] doing vacation Bible school type things — Bible stories, games, and crafts.”

Activities will be themed after the Olympic games, which is scheduled to begin in just a few short days.

There is a reason the radio station partners with Orphan Outreach. “Their mission, their goal, isn’t just to play games with the kids: they really do have that evangelical perspective — wanting to share the Gospel and share with the kids why we’re there. We’ve had that opportunity many times, and we’ve seen results.”

Prayer is vital to the team. They’re already feeling attacked. “If you’re about to do something meaningful, you will face resistance. If you’re doing something that really isn’t going to make a difference, then it’ll be easy. I’ve seen already it hasn’t been easy. We’re being challenged. I think it’s going to be amazing.”

If you’d like to join Orphan Outreach on a future trip to India or other parts of the work, click here.

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